Re: [web-annotation] Which is the relationship between the format and the type of External Web resources?

Hi @azaroth42 ,

Actually I think that the explanation included in the classes section 
is missleading, using a wrong interpretation of the mime types. 

> For resources that do not have obvious media types, such as many 
data formats, it is also useful for a client to know that a resource 
with the format text/csv should not simply be rendered as plain text, 
despite the first part of the media type, whereas application/pdf may 
be able to be rendered by the user agent despite the main type being 

**I think that the goal of these classes is to advertise the type of 
the carried information (content).** 

- application/pdf is perfectly correct, as the client need an external
 aplication in order to render the PDFs. 
- text/cvs is perfectly correct, having the meaning that this content 
can be rendered by (probably) any text editor. If the some clients 
want to use other applications (e.g. excell like) to render the cvs 
contents, that's fine. But the annotations shouldn't "prevent/impose" 
the usage of any application on client side. CSV per se is not 
Dataset, as the format is only tokenized (comma separated) text. It 
might be a textual serialization of a dataset, but even in this case 
the correct type is text and not dataset!  
 One can embed  a kind of schema in the  CSV file and transform it to 
a Dataset format ... still without the usage of special applications 
that are able to extract the schema, the csv cannot be considered as 
being a Dataset.  

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