Re: [web-annotation] Support for embedded structured data (metadata) in the body

@iherman  @BigBlueHat 
I do understand the reluctance to add new things in the specifications
 at this stage, and I think that the some things reported here do not 
necessarily need to be addressed in the specifications of the first 
version of the standard. However my personal opinion is that there are
 some things that should be added/enhanced in the first version of the
1.      The extension for the targets are likely to happen through 
selectors and a concrete example is provided. Anyway, I think that the
 most common case will be the extension of the body to represent 
domain specific annotations. I strongly believe that an example for 
extending the body should be included in the vocabulary (whatever 
usecase the editors think is the easiest to include)
2.      The “logical” types of the body are ExternalResource,  
SpecificResource, BodyValue, TextualBody (embeded text) ... and I 
think the (embedded) Dataset/StructuredData type is missing here. As 
it is no time now to add the type in the Specifications, at least a 
non-normative Note should be added to notify about this possible type.
3.      I think the sentence “Deprecate embedded graphs as an explicit
 part of the model, instead just include or reference a serialized 
graph.”  Must be improved. 
I’m not sure if I’m correct or not, but I assume that this is related 
to the SpecificResources and the design decision for the 
a.      However, the sentence is hard to be interpreted as so, 
especially because there is no reference to the “named graphs” in any 
of the specification documents.   
b.      Is this the official recommendation for the extensions as 
well? What is the difference between “embedded graph” and “serialized 
graph”? I assume that a graph needs to be serialized in order to be 
included, isn’t it so? This means that there is already a sentence, 
and there is no explanation of what an “embedded graph” and a 
“serialized graph” means in the context of WA. 

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