Re: [web-annotation] is, has and alike are implied

How about:

 * hasBody --> body   // make core relationships easy
 * hasTarget --> target
 * hasSource --> narrowerThan   // directionality is critical
 * motivatedBy --> motivatedBy
 * annotatedBy --> annotatedBy
 * serializedBy --> serializedBy
 * hasSelector --> segmentedBy
 * hasStyle --> styledBy
 * hasScope --> scopedBy
 * hasState --> retrievableBy

The State resource is a descriptor for the correct representation (and
 hence state) of the resource, but `statedBy` would clearly be very 
wrong. The model says:

> A resource which describes how to retrieve a representation of the 
Source resource that is appropriate for the Annotation.

The proposed `retrievableBy` tries to capture this protocol notion 
that you can get a representation somehow, without implying that it's 
a URI at which you can get the representation, but alternatives are 
very welcome.

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Received on Wednesday, 9 September 2015 18:07:03 UTC