Re: [web-annotation] is, has and alike are implied

I don't see any problem with "state", "style", "scope", "selector" and
 "motivation". I don't have any idea what "narrowerThan" is supposed 
to mean. It's so far from comprehensible to me that even knowing what 
"hasSource" is I can't figure out how you got "narrowerThan". Again, 
"source" would seem fine to me.

I wish I could find good terms for "annotatedBy" and "serializedBy", 
but I'm not sure I can. Simply dropping the "by" makes it unclear 
whether this is about who or when or what, etc. I've toyed around with
 "author" and "scribe" or such things in my head, but I don't like 
anything I've come up with.

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