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[web-annotation] MIME Type for Annotation Model

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2015 17:29:15 +0000
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== MIME Type for Annotation Model ==
Should we have a dedicated MIME type (media type) for an annotation? 
Or should we just use a generic JSON-LD media type? And if there is a 
dedicated MIME type, should we define a file extension for an 
annotation (or collection of annotations), such as `.anno`?

Here are some pros and cons for consideration. Please add additional 
pros and cons.

## Specific MIME Type
### Pros:
* annotation client immediately knows that the content is meant to be 
handled as an annotation, especially for UAs that handle multiple 
media types (e.g. browsers)
* allows for user registration of preferred annotation handler 
(especially for locally-created or downloaded annotations, if there's 
a file extension)
* may foster ecosystem of "annotation handlers", with annotations as 
first-class type on Web and desktops

### Cons: 
* Possibly not recognizable as JSON-LD from MIME type alone, for 
generic JSON-LD processors
** (…but could be negotiated to be sent with JSON-LD MIME type, 

## Generic JSON MIME Type
### Pros:
* Immediately recognizable as JSON-LD from MIME type alone, for 
generic JSON-LD processors

### Cons: 
* doesn't identify annotations as unique from other JSON-LD content

## Proposals
There are 3 likely proposals for a MIME type:
1. Generic JSON-LD: `application/ld+json`
2. Annotation-only: `application/anno` (and `.anno`)
3. Possible JSON-LD and annotation: `application/ld+json+anno` (and 

Option 3 might be processable by JSON-LD processors, but it is long 
and clumsy; and it only applies to the JSON serialization (which might
 be okay).


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