Re: Short names for Annotation recommendations

Hi, Stian–

On 11/14/14 7:08 AM, Stian Soiland-Reyes wrote:
> Here are my suggestions for temporary short names (which admittedly
> are not that short):
> We already have agreed:
> web-annotation: Annotation Abstract Data Model

I don't think we did agree on that. From the thread on this [1], I heard 
the most agreement on

* annotation-model: Annotation Abstract Data Model

The others Rob suggested work for me and Ivan (at least):

* annotation-protocol
* annotation-interface
* web-anchoring

Frederick suggested we start with "annotation-model" and worry about the 
others later.

> so..
> web-annotation-vocab: Vocabulary for the Annotation Abstract Data Model
> web-annotation-serialization: Serializations of the Annotation
> Abstract Data Model
>     (or web-annotation-json  if we only do JSON here)
> web-annotation-api: HTTP API for Annotations
> web-annotation-client: Client-Side API for Annotations
> web-annotation-link: Robust Link Anchoring
> Do we really need "web-" btw? w3c is all about the web..

Rob made the same argument, and I think folks generally agreed.



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