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We discussed this earlier but thanks for noting it. 

The FPWD and CR milestones remain effective, and we should be thinking in terms of Last Call even if it isnít called out in the process per se, i.e. we should know when we have stable drafts that we think are complete.

Obviously earlier implementation can help inform the entire process.

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On Nov 13, 2014, at 7:22 PM, Stian Soiland-Reyes <> wrote:

> I note that the August 2014 process document [1] now no longer
> differentiate between Last Call Working Draft and Candidate
> Recommendation - yet our charter (from 2014-09-24) includes those as
> separate deliverable milestones [2]. I guess that means we can
> reconsider in 2016 if we need both?
> [1]
> [2]
> On 13 November 2014 23:51, Stian Soiland-Reyes
> <> wrote:
>> I added:
>> to list the drafts and specifications we have/will have.
>> I added my take on what is the "FPWD" process etc. as that can be
>> overwhelming jargon for many, specially outsiders. W3C staff might
>> want to edit the wiki page to correct me where I am wrong:
>> Editor's drafts are maintained in the web-annotation Github repository
>> - where anyone can submit a pull request or raise an issue for any
>> edits/suggestions. An Editor's Draft can be considered the
>> "live"/"trunk"/"master" branch of a documentation, and is
>> created/maintained/controlled by its listed editors, as agreed by the
>> Working Group (WG).
>> Documents can then progress to be formally published by W3C at
>> different stages according to the charter for the Annotation Working
>> Group:
>> ED: Editor's Draft - Latest edit of the document - subject to change
>> at any time. Similar to a nightly build.
>> FPWD: First Public Working Draft - first draft that is in a state to
>> be formally reviewed by WG. Similar to a milestone release.
>> WD: Working Draft - zero or more updated working drafts, fleshing out
>> all the details, but not yet complete. Similar to a milestone release.
>> LC: Last Call Working Draft - the WG consider it to be
>> feature-complete, last call for fundamental changes.
>> Implementers/outsiders invited to review and give feedback. Similar to
>> a alpha release.
>> CR: Candidate Recommendation - the WG consider it to be finished,
>> implementers/outsiders can still give feedback. Similar to a beta
>> release.
>> PR: Proposed Recommendation - the WG has addressed all feedback. Only
>> fixing breaking issues and editorial changes allowed. Similar to a
>> release candidate.
>> Rec: Recommendation the specification is final and released.
>> Implementations can rely on no further changes.
>> Erreta (post-publication corrections, e.g. typos in examples)
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