Introduction and internet draft proposal for HTTP response 420 Requester Impaired

My name is Richard Roda.  I am a Sr. Developer at USANA<>.  I have been developing using HTTP long enough to remember transitioning from 1.0 to 1.1.  My most relevant vendor certification is Security+ ce<>.  My details may be found on my LinkedIn page<>.  I am proposing an HTTP status code for 420 as a Requester Impaired code.  The original idea for this was an April Fool's RFC.  420 is an available client error response code, and the number 420 is associated with marijuana use.   However, as I was writing and drafting it occurred to me that this is a legitimate need.  With AI systems being given more operational autonomy and the fact that Large Language Models (LLMs) can "hallucinate" responses, non-human as well as human requesters can be impaired.  If impaired requestors are attached to something like remote-operated heavy equipment the results could be catastrophic.  Dedicating an HTTP response code to this will allow for better visibility and remediation of impaired requesters.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.  I am also on the #httpbiz stream on Zulip.  I might not respond immediately to messages because of my day job.

An HTTP Status Code to Report Requester Impairment<>
This document specifies a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status code for use when an operation or resource is denied due to requester impairment.

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