Re: WebSockets and masking

On Sat, May 20, 2023, at 19:47, Ilari Liusvaara wrote:
>   TLS will prevent the kind of middleboxes that were the motivation to
>   adding masking to websockets.

Not necessarily: those middleboxes were so terrible they would probably be vulnerable to an attack that mutated the ciphertext so that looked like cleartext HTTP.  See also the NAT slipstreaming attacks.  But also maybe not: they are probably not so widely deployed any more[*].  It has, after all, been some time.

[*] I considered the possibility that they might not look at ports other than 80, but you can run TLS on port 80.

It's only time then that might change our attitude toward masking.  We might reasonably conclude that middleboxes that are that awful are no longer worth protecting.  By extension, however, that means concluding that the endpoints, for whom those middleboxes might have caused problems, are less reliant on those middleboxes.  Remember that the attack was ultimately on endpoints that were being served up malicious content by those middleboxes.  But there is a lot less content around that is unsecured now, so maybe it's OK.

FWIW, we deliberately shipped QUIC without equivalent protection against this particular class of attack.  It's harder to attack QUIC, but not impossible.

>   And the kind of attacks discussed will not work through TLS
>   terminating middlebox, and even if any attack worked, it would seem
>   to be exploitable already.

Yeah, I think that the requirement for TLS more or less rules out these sorts of tricks for protecting endpoints.  Endpoints need to protect themselves (and a TLS terminator is an endpoint as far as something like masking is concerned.)

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