Re: #197: Effect of CC directives on history lists

Mark Nottingham wrote:
> The intent was that it replace the third and forth paragraphs there ('existing text'), but looking at it, I think there's a pretty strong argument to 
> 1) remove the second paragraph, and
> 2) remove the note
> Thoughts? This isn't a small change, but it does align with current practice, is for purposes of security, and doesn't make any currently conformant implementations non-conformant, AFAICT.

This will reduce Section 4 to:

4.  History Lists

    User agents often have history mechanisms, such as "Back" buttons and
    history lists, that can be used to redisplay an entity retrieved
    earlier in a session.

    The freshness model (Section 2.3) does not necessarily apply to
    history mechanisms.  I.e., a history mechanism can display a previous
    representation even if it has expired.

    This does not prohibit the history mechanism from telling the user
    that a view might be stale, or from honoring cache directives (e.g.,
    Cache-Control: no-store).

(see <>)

Best regards, Julian

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