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24-hour old misses

[neon] Digest authentication with integrity protection

A string of text is parsed as a single word

A very new website

CHERI Fan Club 9068

correcting corrected_initial_age


Hi,http-wg,look,my beautiful girl friend


HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 Compliance Testing

HTTP headers

HTTP/1.1 response with no headers?

If-Range with other conditionals

Increase Bust Size 1-4 Cups Sizes in 90 Days 30.36

IPV6 International Conference Paris 28-30 October 2002

Japanese lass' sexy pictures

Looking for digest authentication implementing integrity protection

Nature of Application Protocols!

old archives of this list now online

overhead HTTP, HTTPS...

POST request!

POST request; use of ; in URLs


Request-URI for CONNECT

RFC2616 errata: HTTP-Version should be case-sensitive

Start Your Private Photo Album Online! 10.51

TE header

Use of ";" in URL for HTTP

WCW'02 paper on 100-continue

Welcome to my hometown

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