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URL encoding of query variables Fred Bohle (Wednesday, 19 June)

IE vs vary header Julian Reschke (Wednesday, 19 June)

2616: Testing "MUST ignore" in section 14.10 Alex Rousskov (Monday, 17 June)

is "MUST only if" a MUST? Alex Rousskov (Monday, 17 June)

Fw: I-D ACTION:draft-nottingham-hdrreg-http-00.txt Mark Nottingham (Friday, 14 June)

RFC 2616 errata: invalid language tag "x-pig-latin" Sven Neuhaus (Thursday, 13 June)

HTTP SASL: use of HTTP OPTIONS method for authentication Alexey Melnikov (Thursday, 13 June)

content-type header Keith Wannamaker (Wednesday, 5 June)

'qs' parameter in Content-Type header Christoph Schneegans (Sunday, 2 June)

RFC2617 errata? Mark Nottingham (Friday, 24 May)

HTTP 1.1, proxy servers, and failed connections Bob Scheifler - SMI Software Development (Friday, 10 May)

RE: text of description of "POST" Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Wednesday, 24 April)

reactivating you're already on it! Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 17 April)

test, please ignore Gerald Oskoboiny (Friday, 12 April)

mailing list administration; text of description of "POST" Larry Masinter (Friday, 5 April)

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