RE: IE vs vary header

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Julian Reschke wrote:

> I think if I mark them as un-cacheable, the *same* problem in IE
> will occur -- it fails to pass content to external applications if
> it decides that the content is not cacheable (their logic is: we
> pass data to external programs by caching it, but the response
> headers indicate that the result isn't cacheable, thus we can't
> pass it on -- funny, isn't it?).

You may be able to mark them with "Cache-Control: private" to avoid
the above problem. Also, as somebody suggested to me off-list, you can
try a must-revalidate cache-control directive so that the content is
cachable by shared caches but the server has some control based on
client request headers. The latter option requires must-revalidate
support in caches and may cause the same IE problems you mention
above; simple but not a very robust solution.

Good luck,


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