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"Via" header field

[Fwd: RFC 2965 on HTTP State Management Mechanism]

ANN: HTTP compliance mailing list

Another erratum for RFC2616

BCP 44, RFC 2964 on Use of HTTP State Management

Caching Problem with 1.0 and a Proxy Server

caching problems

Conformance Test for HTTP 1.1

Host header and URL

Http overhead


IPv6 and HTTP (1.2?)

Last Call: On the use of HTTP as a Substrate for Other Protocols to BCP


More On Persistent Connections...

Of HTTP-over-SSL/TLS connection persistence

Of HTTP/1.1 persistent connections and TCP Keepalive timer

Of HTTP/1.1 persistent connections and TCP Keepalive timers

Push technology

Reference HTTP 1.1 Client And Server Implementations


request to close HTTP-WG

Set-Cookie Header

Thanks Re Caching Problem

this is a Test

this is a Test -Reply

WG Action: HyperText Transfer Protocol (http) to conclude

whither HTTP?

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