RE: Of HTTP/1.1 persistent connections and TCP Keepalive timers

Scott Lawrence         Architect             <>

> Q1. Do the popular BROWSERS typically take the platform's
> OS's TCP defaults
> for the keepalive (IF such capability is provided by the
> TCP/IP stack, and IF
> it is actually used by the browser), or do they typically
> set this value to
> something in particular?

They don't leave connections open and idle long enough for this to be
relevant.  Browsers typically close idle connections in one or two
minutes, even if the server does not.

> I looked through the documented configuration parameters
> for Netscape
> Communicator..

Communicator doesn't do 1.1 yet.

Q3. Are the popular BROWSERS typically speaking HTTP/1.1, or HTTP/1.0?
notice any config parameters that might have something to do with
setting the

The default for direct connections in IE is 1.1; I believe that Opera
also uses 1.1 by default now.

Received on Thursday, 2 November 2000 09:12:53 UTC