Re: Of HTTP/1.1 persistent connections and TCP Keepalive timers

> They [browsers] don't leave connections open and idle long enough for this
> to be relevant.  Browsers typically close idle connections in one or two
> minutes, even if the server does not.

Thanks, this is the sort of info I am interested in.

When I said "say I'm going to write my own HTTP/1.1-speaking gizmo", I should 
probably have made it clear that I am postulating a server-side gizmo, hence 
being interested in how the browsers out there in the wild will behave if this 
server-side gizmo doesn't behave just like typical existing web servers.

> Communicator doesn't do 1.1 yet.
> [...]
> The default for direct connections in IE is 1.1; I believe that Opera
> also uses 1.1 by default now.

Innaresting. Does anyone have a pointer handy to any documentation for any of 
the popular browsers that indicates what all versions of what all protocols 
they do speak? An admittedly cursory search for such wrt Communicator didn't 
turn up anything.



Received on Thursday, 2 November 2000 09:51:48 UTC