Proposal: New Anchor attributes

Ron Schnell (
Thu, 23 May 96 17:57:47 PST

From: Ron Schnell <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Proposal: New Anchor attributes
Date: Thu, 23 May 96 17:57:47 PST

This is my first posting to the list...hopefully I'm not repeating
someone else's idea...

I would like to propose two new attributes for the Anchor element.

They are:

1.  ALT=[URL]
This attribute would specify an alternate URL should the HREF be

2.  TIMEOUT=[seconds]
This attribute would specify an amount of time, after which a
browser should give up on the HREF.

Neither of these would require the other, but each would be more
useful with the other.

These two attributes would add some redundancy to web pages
(locations) that desire to have it.  In these times of "high
availability" being such an "important issue", I think that this
would be strongly embraced by government and commercial entities.

Another possible use for it would be for the ALT URL to point to a
page that just has a text message, explaining that the server is

Imagine a merchant who uses a third party to process credit card
orders.  Their link to the credit card processor could look as

&lt;A HREF= 
           TIMEOUT=15 ALT=>

The credit card processor, being interested in high availability,
would have two servers (maybe at two locations), in case one is
down, and the merchant would be happy because they wouldn't lose
an order.

I'm sure you can all imagine more important uses for this, as people
are starting to use the web as an interface to everyday, important

Thanks for your time.

Ron Schnell
Driver Aces, Inc.
(800) 511-UNIX