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document base uri Romain Deltour (Wednesday, 21 September)

XSpec 0.3.0 - A unit test framework for XSLT & XQuery Florent Georges (Wednesday, 21 September)

[ANN] XML Amsterdam 2011 conference Geert Josten (Tuesday, 20 September)

Calabash p:import and p:library could be slow? Alam Sher (Saturday, 10 September)

Packaging extension steps for Calabash - blog post Florent Georges (Wednesday, 7 September)

Calabash: register an extension step through the API Florent Georges (Monday, 5 September)

Writing an extension step for Calabash - blog post Florent Georges (Sunday, 4 September)

XML Calabash V0.9.34 released Norman Walsh (Friday, 2 September)

Re: Is Calabash thread-safe, multiprocessor-safe? Romain Deltour (Thursday, 1 September)

Re: Anybody using Calabash under Tomcat? Romain Deltour (Thursday, 1 September)

Calabash 0.9.33: bug with XPath variables Romain Deltour (Thursday, 1 September)

Options as strings. Blech. Norman Walsh (Thursday, 1 September)

Re: Passing options from the command-line Norman Walsh (Thursday, 1 September)

Re: Calabash's ml:adhoc-query source port Norman Walsh (Thursday, 1 September)

Saxon exception in core Calabash interface Florent Georges (Thursday, 1 September)

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