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From: <wilde825@planet.nl>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 20:51:57 +0200
Message-ID: <7A2B007F3AD83A4F8CEA39C793191F22DE4174@CPEXBE-EML22.kpnsp.local>
To: "Michael Kay" <mike@saxonica.com>, <xmlschema-dev@w3.org> Type Alternative

A type-alternative component (type alternative for short) associates a type definition with a predicate. Type alternatives are used in conditional type assignment, in which the choice of ·governing type definition· <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#key-governing-type-elem>  for elements governed by a particular element declaration depends on properties of the document instance. An element declaration may have a {type table} <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#ed-type_table>  which contains a sequence of type alternatives; the predicates on the alternatives are tested, and when a predicate is satisfied, the type definition paired with it is chosen as the element instance's ·governing type definition· <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#key-governing-type-elem> .

Note: The provisions for conditional type assignment are inspired by, but not identical to, those of [SchemaPath] <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#bib-schemapath> .

For detailed information on Type Alternatives, see Type Alternatives (§3.12) <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#cTypeAlternative> .



  id = ID <http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-xmlschema11-2-20060217/datatypes.html#ID> 
  test = an XPath expression
  type = QName <http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-xmlschema11-2-20060217/datatypes.html#QName> 
  xpathDefaultNamespace = (anyURI <http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-xmlschema11-2-20060217/datatypes.html#anyURI>  | (##defaultNamespace | ##targetNamespace | ##local))
  {any attributes with non-schema namespace . . .}>
  Content: (annotation <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#element-annotation> ?, (simpleType <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#element-simpleType>  | complexType <https://webmail.planet.nl/exchange/wilde825@planet.nl/Drafts/RE:%20%5Bxmlschema-dev%5D%20%3Cnone%3E.EML/1_text.htm#element-complexType> )?)


Does this mean that in near future I'd be able to use something (a la XSLT) similair to:

<complexType name="typeQry[@type='filter']">
Not fully clear to me. Would be really great. (Type as seen as temp replacement by the relative DOM available for xpath.
Robert de Wilde


Van: Michael Kay [mailto:mike@saxonica.com]
Verzonden: vr 4-4-2008 15:43
Aan: wilde825@planet.nl; xmlschema-dev@w3.org
Onderwerp: RE: [xmlschema-dev] <none>

The next version of XML Schema will be numbered 1.1. It includes quite a few new facilities, of which one, "Conditional Type Assignment" seems to correspond to what you are looking for. Check the specification at 
especially section 3.12.1
Michael Kay


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	Hello XML-Schema devvers,
	Is there anyone who can give me more information about the development of newer Schema version like 2.0? I'd need more support for checking co-relation (or how they call it) and using validation based on attribute value. If XML Schema isn't being activily developed anymore I can look further.
	I hope someone can share this information, because Google wasn't being my best friend.
	Hope to here from anyone soon!
	Robert de Wilde
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