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Re: Mixed content and simpleType

From: Robert Braddock <stormwarden@bigfoot.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:57:43 -0600
To: xmlschema-dev@w3.org
Message-ID: <20010112145743.R29280@concordant-thought.com>
> No.  There has been discussion about this, but a lot of uncertainty
> about exactly what character sequence the type would apply to.

Well, obviously, this depends on what the schema author wants, just like any
other aspect of constraining instance documents. I was truly amazed when I
realized this wasn't addressed at all in XML-Schema.

> <wrap><e2>T</e2>his is <e1>a</e1>
> forced example.
> </wrap>
> There are at least three possible stories about what a simpleType
> would apply to:
>   1) 'This is a forced example. '
>   2) 'his is '; ' forced example. '
>   3) 'T'; 'his is '; 'a'; ' forced example. '
> Which did _you_ have in mind?

_I_ would probably have allowed a tagless "element" to constrain so-called
"mixed" content segments, and then added a mechanism to allow element
content to (optionally) percolate upward for container checking. Then he
could have which ever one he wanted.

Just sweeping the whole thing under the rug now is a major omission, and
seems to me like it will have a negative impact on future solutions.

Robert Braddock
Received on Friday, 12 January 2001 15:57:50 UTC

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