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Re: Web Architecture, 'XML Autonomy'

From: Rick JELLIFFE <ricko@geotempo.com>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 05:01:04 +0800
Message-ID: <392C4310.C50AFA2C@geotempo.com>
To: xml-uri@w3.org
> > >But some of it is the assumption on which people joined the
> > >consortium.  

My organization, Academia Sinica, joined last year.

From what I recall, while there was a requirement that we should act as
part of the team
(respect the privacy of technical discussions and follow protocol, etc),
there was nothing
said or written that even mentioned the Web Architecture.  

Indeed, we joined to promote our agenda (i.e., help support Chinese,
help localization,
provide a non-commercial input into the process, support WAI, provide a
forum for our
specialists, encourage co-operation). Agreeing on a web architecture as
given in
unfinished notes was never mentioned and never entered our minds.   

I think it is possible that some organizations join W3C specifically
because they want
to encourage different details to the ones Tim BL gives (e.g.
I have found the ethos at W3C to be very geared towards concensus, so
please I hope
no readers takes this to mean that W3C is full of people trying to tear
down each other's
visions: on the contrary, accomodation seems to be strived for.

Rick Jelliffe
Received on Wednesday, 24 May 2000 16:52:46 UTC

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