Re: Web Architecture, 'XML Autonomy'


The Consortium is primarily a meeting place, a place to go forward together.
At the AC meeting there was a lot of discussion about the process around
architecture.  I can't really discuss the advice here in detail, and there
no conclusion yet.  But htere were a lot of good points made.

A group working together -- and that includes the public lists and open
source - need consensus systems, and they also need plans. Most
other bodies such as OMG and IETF have some sort of formal or informal
method of evolving the general direction, and of keeping individual
contributions cooperative with it.

The consortium is has grown and matured. The process is continually
We are committed to having an effective process, and trying to get the
best collaborative space while not burdening everyone with bureaucracy.

I do not want to fill this list -- which was to address a specific technical
issue --
with process.  But we will obviously have to make a suitable process
as soon as we can.


Received on Wednesday, 24 May 2000 18:03:09 UTC