Re: Not-So-Pretty Staged Plan

"Clark C. Evans" wrote:

> #3  Form an emergency committee to re-write the
>     XML Namespace spec; rolling in the xml:base
>     specification.  Re-issue an updated namespec
>     specification and patches to XPath/etc. as
>     needed.  Don't worry about breaking previous
>     documents or code... just get it right.
> #4  Release the above changes with XML 1.1 ... with
>     <?xml version="1.1" ?>

Does #4 imply that the namespace specifications would become
part of the XML 1.1 document itself?  That would make a lot
of sense to me.  Quite aside from what the rules about
namespaces ought to be, it seems to me that having
namespaces described in a separate document is a consequence
of history, not a technical necessity.

Paul Abrahams

Received on Friday, 19 May 2000 23:26:59 UTC