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RE: Use cases

From: Simon St.Laurent <simonstl@simonstl.com>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:31:11 -0400
Message-Id: <200005161829.OAA27487@hesketh.net>
To: "David E. Cleary" <davec@progress.com>, <xml-uri@w3.org>
At 02:24 PM 5/16/00 -0400, David E. Cleary wrote:
>> Other than fulfilling a dream of consistency, I can't see any good reason
>> to support relative URIs in namespaces - ever.
>Whether there is a good reason or not, the fact is that there are documents
>out there that adhere to the current specification that you would turn
>invalid by your edict. I could not support this unless XML in its entirty is
>reved to version 1.1.

Are there in fact any such documents?

I've yet to see a relative URI appear in a spec, but that doesn't mean they
don't exist.

Simon St.Laurent
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