Re: A proposed solution

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Al Gilman wrote:

> Do we need corresponding statements about exactly what hapens with InfoSet
> and XPath as well, to complete the review package?

For Infoset, the issue surfaces as the properties of the namespace
information item.  There is one of these for every namespace declared
in the document.  It has a property "children" which represents the
attribute value (after the usual attribute normalization: newlines
are changed to spaces).

Under an "absolutize" solution, it also has a property "namespace URI"
which represents the absolute URI (plus optional #locator) which
results from resolving the attribute value against the appropriate
base URI.

Under other solutions, there is no such property.

In any case, every element and PI info item, as well as the document itself,
has a "base URI" property.

Please note that the current public Infoset WD is seriously out of date.
The intention is to release a new and much improved draft as soon as
this relative-namespace-name issue is resolved.

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