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>> Joseph, there's another set of interop samples at
>Ok, now listed in:

I tried Merlin's examples, too, and confirmed that our implementation could
decrypt them except ones using DH and RSA-OAEP with SHA256, similarly to
Jiandong's examples.  According to the result for both examples, our status
is as follows:

Application Features
Laxly valid schema generation of EncryptedData/EncryptedKey  Y
     Normalized Form C generations                 N
Type, MimeType, and Encoding                       Y
CipherReference URI derefencing                         Y
     Transforms                                    Y
ds:KeyInfo                                         Y
     ds:KeyValue                                   Y
     ds:KeyName                                    Y
     ds:RetrievalMethod                            Y
ReferenceList                                      Y
EncryptionProperties                                    Y
Satisfactory Performance                           ""

Processing Features
Required Type support: Element and Content              Y
Encryption                                         Y
     Serialization of XML Element and Content                Y
     NFC conversion from non-Unicode encodings               N
     Encryptor returns EncryptedData structure               Y
     Encryptor replaces EncryptedData into source document   Y
Decryption                                         Y
     The decryptor returns the data and its Type to the
     application                                   Y
     If data is Element or Content the decryptor return
     the UTF-8 encoding XML character data              Y
     If data is Element or Content the decryptor replaces
     the EncryptedData in the source document with the
     decrypted data                           Y

TRIPLEDES                                     Y
AES-128                                       Y
AES-256                                       Y
AES-192                                       Y
RSA-v1.5                                      Y
RSA-OAEP (only with SHA1 and no octet string)                Y
Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement                       N
TRIPLEDES Key Wrap                                 Y
AES-128 Key Wrap                                   Y
AES-256 Key Wrap                                   Y
AES-192 Key Wrap                                   Y
SHA1                                          Y
SHA256                                             Y
SHA512                                             Y
RIPEMD-160                                         Y
XML Digital Signature                              Y
Decryption Transform for XML Signature                  Y
     XPointer support in Except URI                     N
Canonical XML (with and without comments)                    Y
Exclusive Canonicalization (with and without comments)       Y
base64 Encoding                                    Y

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IBM Research

Received on Tuesday, 12 March 2002 03:46:44 UTC