Republishing SOAP 1.1 schemas

I'd like to republish the SOAP 1.1 schemas from and possibly in an appendix of my next 
book, Processing XML with Java. Currently these ar elisted as Copyright 
2001 Martin Gudgin, whoever he is. They do not carry any language which 
indicates that such reuse is acceptable Thus as currently written they 
can't be reused, unless I can find this person and convince him to sign 
a permissions form, which so far has been a fruitless search.

The SOAP 1.1 schemas appear to be derived from the SOAP 1.2 schemas 
which are published under the W3C license which is sufficiently liberal 
to allow me to republish them in my appendix. However, is there any 
chance of getting the officiall SOAP 1.1 schemas under the normal W3C 
copyright so they can be republished without having to jump through a 
lot of hoops?

Alterantely, I could just derive my own SOAP 1.1 schemas from the 1.2 
schemas (which I in fact already did for the first draft) but I'd much 
rather use the official schemas instead.

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Received on Tuesday, 4 June 2002 12:30:00 UTC