Re: Republishing SOAP 1.1 schemas

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Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 5:29 PM
Subject: Republishing SOAP 1.1 schemas

> I'd like to republish the SOAP 1.1 schemas from
> and possibly
> in an appendix of my next
> book, Processing XML with Java. Currently these ar elisted as Copyright
> 2001 Martin Gudgin, whoever he is.

That would be me....

> They do not carry any language which
> indicates that such reuse is acceptable

Hmmm, both documents still contain the statement:

'This document is governed by the W3C Software License [1] as
described in the FAQ [2].'

> Thus as currently written they
> can't be reused, unless I can find this person and convince him to sign
> a permissions form, which so far has been a fruitless search.

A brief search of Google or the archives of this list would have turned up
my e-mail address.


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