Re: Issue 133: SOAP and The Web Architecture

I'd like to see the ability to make a HTTP GET request (with no
body!) and get a SOAP response; this would allow caching of typed
responses which don't have side effects. There are a growing number
of simple uses of SOAP that could use this. Of course, this wouldn't
address cases where typed parameters need to be part of the request,
but arguably that's more out of scope for GET, and could be addressed
by a Module.

My preference would be that it be defined in the HTTP binding that
the WG is producing; failing that, a separate binding also produced
by the WG would be acceptable.


On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 05:44:25PM -0000, Williams, Stuart wrote:
> Hugo,
> Issue 133 [1] came up for discussion on the TBTF today, in particular the
> concern over SOAP's use of HTTP POST in a manner that may not be compliant
> with Web Architecture [2].
> The TBTF are currently proposing that we recognise in the spec. that the
> HTTP binding in Part 2 Adjuncts is 'an' HTTP binding rather than 'the' HTTP
> binding. The HTTP binding we intend to offer will follow the pattern of
> using the HTTP POST method established in SOAP 1.1 [3]. 
> The topic of Web Architecture is the subject of continuing debate, including
> and referenced from the thread that originated this issue[4]. The TBTF do
> not find themselves able to resolve the philosophical issues enclosed
> there-in, but believe that the SOAP protocol binding framework is flexible
> enough to allow the creation of different bindings to HTTP as and when these
> issues are resolved.
> So, at this time the proposal from the TBTF to close Issue 133 is that the
> binding we offer in SOAP 1.2 continue to use the HTTP POST method in the
> manner established in SOAP 1.1 and to note that our binding framework makes
> it is possible to define additional HTTP bindings.
> I anticipate this topic being on the agenda for the next WG telcon. 
> Best regards
> Stuart Williams
> (for the TBTF)
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

Mark Nottingham

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