Re: Article: Fat protocols slow Web services

"Roger L. Costello" wrote:

> "there's an evil little secret about Web services that most vendors
> don't talk about. Web services' protocols are very fat, and that means
> that Web services interactions over the network will be slow and eat up
> a large chunk of bandwidth"

IMO, that's a bit of a misstatement.  It's not clear what "fat" means in this
context.  Some bright guys at IBM Almaden have demonstrated that the
performance impact of XML encoding vs. an optimized binary encoding (for
example, previously posted here and elsewhere) is usually essentially
insignificant compared to other performance considerations.

The problem is, I would assume, that "Web services" tend to be chatty, with
lots of little round trips and a subtle statefulness between these individual
communications.  And that's a function of failing to realize that the API call
model isn't well-suited to building communicating applications where caller and
callee are separated by a medium (networks!) with variable and unconstrained
performance characteristics / latency.

REST! :-)


Received on Tuesday, 8 January 2002 16:46:03 UTC