Re: Multicast MEP and multiple body actors

 I think that we needn't say anything to use of actor and
mustUnderstand attributes on body entries for we only specify
their use on headers so any use on body entries is application
 Unless, of course, there are enough voices saying that they
understand we're also implying some handling of actor and
mustUnderstand on body entries.

                   Jacek Kopecky

                   Senior Architect, Systinet (formerly Idoox)

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Paul Denning wrote:

 > If we assume a message exchange pattern where a SOAP message is sent to
 > multiple recipients, as in usage scenario S2 [1],
 > can we define a body with multiple body blocks where each body block
 > contains a different actor.
 > xmlns:env=""
 > xmlns:app=""
 > <env:body>
 >    <app:part env:actor="A">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part env:actor="B">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part env:actor="C">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part env:actor="D">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part env:actor="E">...</app:part>
 > </env:body>
 > If we start out with five nodes as the ultimate recipient of the message,
 > then each node can process one body block (one actor per node).  If one
 > node goes down, then the role of the failed node can be transferred or
 > delegated to another node (in some unspecified way), such that one of the
 > four remaining nodes would process two body blocks (its original role, and
 > the role of the failed node).
 > I don't think the schema for SOAP 1.2 prohibits use of actor within the
 > body.  Should we explicitly discourage use of actor in the body?  Emphasize
 > more strongly that SOAP processors are not required to process actor
 > attributes (if used) within the body?
 > Do we want to force application designers to use their own namespace for
 > the body actor processing, for example
 > xmlns:env=""
 > xmlns:app=""
 > <env:body>
 >    <app:part app:actor="A">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part app:actor="B">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part app:actor="C">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part app:actor="D">...</app:part>
 >    <app:part app:actor="E">...</app:part>
 > </env:body>
 > [1]
 > Paul

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