RE: NameValue and NameValueList data types

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> > The problem we (as an industry) have is that until we 
> standardize the 
> > representation of a name-value list, we will never achieve any true 
> > interoperability of such a fundamental programming language 
> construct 
> > as name-value pairs.  An "Apache standard" for this type 
> > representation is not going to provide this
> The success of Apache as a de-facto standard argues strongly 
> otherwise.

For the Java representation maybe, but what about .NET, Perl, Python,
Smalltalk, etc, etc, etc?

At the end of the day, Apache is not, and I am sure would not want to
be, a standards making body.  The current Apache "standard" for this
name-value representation is driven by pragmatism to exercise this area,
but I don't think anyone would claim this is a real long term solution.
"Just tough it out and make the rest of the industry fall in line" will
not work.

I am not disparaging the efforts of the Apache community, just pointing
to the fact that without a single standard for the representation of
name-value pairs that *everyone* can agree to, we cannot get beyond the
problem of having at least two "Walled Camps" which I had thought this
industry had finally matured past.  :-(

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