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RE: Documents & Editors

From: Hallam-Baker, Phillip <pbaker@verisign.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 12:47:49 -0800
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To: "'Mike Just'" <Mike.Just@entrust.com>, "'stephen.farrell@baltimore.ie'" <stephen.farrell@baltimore.ie>, www-xkms-ws@w3c.org
Cc: Shivaram Mysore <Shivaram.Mysore@sun.com>
I started on a chained XKMS services doc, I will dig it out. My conclusion
was that it should all work except that there are some important fixes we
need to be made to Soap routing to prevent deadlock and livelock. These
really need to be in SOAP since they affect all chained web services.

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From: Mike Just [mailto:Mike.Just@entrust.com]
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Cc: Shivaram Mysore
Subject: RE: Documents & Editors

Hi Stephen, 

From a look at the working group scope that was prepared as part of the
proposal, there was also a requirement to "[p]roduce non-normative
document(s) that set ou best practices for applying XKMS to applications
that may include (i) chained XKMS services (including the n-corners model)
and (ii) interoperation with existing X.509 and PGP based applications." In
the working group proposal, this item came between 2 and 3 (as enumerated
below) and was actually prioritized ahead of 3.  It appears there is a
mandate for work to begin on this task as well, assuming there are

I agree that the requirements doc is the first priority though. 


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> From: Stephen Farrell [ mailto:stephen.farrell@baltimore.ie
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> Cc: Shivaram Mysore; xme 
> Subject: Documents & Editors 
> Folks, 
> At the moment I reckon we should be working on our first 
> three deliverables, with volunteer editors (thanks to 
> them) as listed below: 
> 1. requirements (Mike Just, Frederick Hirsch) 
> 2. xkms (Phill Hallam-Baker) 
> 3. xbulk (Merlin Hughes) 
> Versions of 2 & 3 are available now, so you can review those 
> and send your comments to the list as you get the chance, and 
> the editors can start in on new versions as they get the 
> chance. 
> However, for now, I'd like us to focus on the requirements 
> document, with the aim of having a (proabably *very* rough) 
> list of requirements when we get together on the phone in 
> a couple of weeks and having a version of the document for 
> review at the f2f in December. (More on those dates 
> tomorrow, btw). 
> So, I'd encourage you to start sending requirements text 
> to the list. 
> Meanwhile Shivaram and I are going to get a proto-WG web 
> site setup somewhere. (Might be next week before that's 
> up & running.) 
> Regards, 
> Stephen. 
> Links to the existing documents: 
> xkms:  http://www.w3.org/TR/xkms/ <http://www.w3.org/TR/xkms/>  
> xbulk: http://www.baltimore.com/devzone/x-bulk/x-bulk.zip
>        (sorry about the format:-) 
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