Documents & Editors


At the moment I reckon we should be working on our first 
three deliverables, with volunteer editors (thanks to 
them) as listed below:

1. requirements (Mike Just, Frederick Hirsch)
2. xkms (Phill Hallam-Baker)
3. xbulk (Merlin Hughes)

Versions of 2 & 3 are available now, so you can review those
and send your comments to the list as you get the chance, and
the editors can start in on new versions as they get the 

However, for now, I'd like us to focus on the requirements 
document, with the aim of having a (proabably *very* rough) 
list of requirements when we get together on the phone in 
a couple of weeks and having a version of the document for 
review at the f2f in December. (More on those dates 
tomorrow, btw).

So, I'd encourage you to start sending requirements text 
to the list.

Meanwhile Shivaram and I are going to get a proto-WG web 
site setup somewhere. (Might be next week before that's 
up & running.)


Links to the existing documents:

       (sorry about the format:-)

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