Re: [Issue 165] Re: What happened about HTTPS in the HTTP binding?

* Hugo Haas <> [2004-07-23 13:49+0200]
> So I think that we need to do two things:
> 1. retitle issue 165 to say: HTTPS and Authentication support
> 2. put back in the draft the handling of HTTPS based on the URI scheme,
>    with some text like in [6].
> I am afraid that if we don't do (2), we will have to reopen issue 165.

I have managed to track down the disappearance of the sentence.

It is in wsdl20-bindings.html version 1.26:;%20charset=utf-8

but disappeared in version 1.27:;%20charset=utf-8

As the draft was changed a lot to implement the decisions taken during
the May F2F and that I have seen no decision to get rid of this rule,
I will put it back.



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