RE: Issue 177: XML 1.1 support

Hi Anish!

I'm puzzled why Jonathan's proposal is an problem from the
"tooling perspective". 

Surely all that is being required of a component model 
implementation is that it's able to support a superset of 
XML 1.0 and 1.1 character set. This remains a subset of the 
character representation used internally in most programming 

So the value is that a WSDL 2.0 component model can theoretically
process XML 1.1 document without requiring a spec-rev all for 
little practical cost.

AIUI the risk is that a component model may now legitimately 
contain element names containing characters which cannot be 
serialised to an XML 1.0 document - but that's nothing new
given XML 1.1 document aren't compatible with XML 1.0 processors.


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The proposal seems to future proof WSDL for possible new versions of 
XML, which is a good thing, but it applies only to XML 1.1 and not beyond.
In addition, till XML schema supports XML 1.1, the message reference 
component can only describe XML 1.0 messages. Is that correct?

If that is so, then it seems to me that creating new types to support 
XML 1.1 will be of limited value, especially from tooling perspective.

Is there any reason not to rev WSDL when XML schema supports 1.1?
Has the WG considered a resolution similar to the resolution of issue 
20rec [1] in XMLP WG?



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