RE: absolute vs. relative URIs?


This is issues 148.

Issue 148: Double check URI comparison algorithm and relative URI use [1].

We discussed this at the Cannes F2F in March 2004. And,

RESOLUTION: Change all URIs EXCEPT import/@location and include/@location to
absolute URIs at the XML document level [2].

ACTION: Editors to change spec to require absolute URIs and indicate that
comparison must be done character-by-character as per TAG finding [2].



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Subject: absolute vs. relative URIs?

In editing @style I noticed that we don't say "absolute URI" 
there .. and in a few other places. We do say it in some

It seems to me that all URIs *except* import/@location and
include/@location MUST absolutely be absolute. Those two MAY
be absolute or relative. I see no value in allowing relative
URIs for the others.

If you agree +1 it please .. I'll fix the wording then.


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