Re: Issue 168 (Which Operation?) / Requirement R114

On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 13:04:11 +0100 wrote:
> Hugo wrote:
> > Therefore, thinking out loud, I think that we could say in Part 1
> > that, if the GED of operations is not unique, extra information must
> > be used in order to unambiguously identify the operation relating to a
> > message received by a service, by using a feature at the interface
> > operation level. We could even define such a feature, say the
> > Operation Name Specification Feature, which would be an abstract
> > feature: we would not define how it is implemented (in SOAP, HTTP, or
> > any other way), just noting that its use makes the receiver of the
> > message aware of which operation the message is related to.
> So the default for an absent feature (or do i mean property?) would be 
> routing via the GED, but this may be overridden to point to another
> mechanism? 
> Either way the publisher of a service would have to explicitly declare 
> in WSDL the dispatching mechanism being employed.

+1.  This permits the flexibility that was generally lost in earlier

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