Re: Optional Extensions

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 14:51, David Orchard wrote:
> If there is a WSDL extension which is not mandatory and not recognized by
> the WSDL processor what is to be done with it?  Our suggestion is that it
> should be ignored, and that this should be specified.  Same thing applies to
> extension attributes.

Why should it be ignored? I would prefer a MAY rather a SHOULD. If you
really want it to be ignored, don't put it in the place. If it's there
and optional, it's up to the WSDL engine to use it.

Also, one can define a required element (or a required feature) and
include in the definition of it than all elements or attributes in a
certain namespace MUST be processed (in fact, I recently worked on a
WSDL extension using a feature to require the process of an attribute in
a foreign attribute).


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