Re: Attributes in WSDL

+1, well said.  My only comment is that your point (c) isn't strictly true,
as you could always just attach such metadata to the operations or even the
schema.  But I completely agree with your conclusion.  I think that the
service state and management space is a very interesting one, and there are
some simple and powerful things that can be done there, things which seem
like perfect candidates for WSDL extensions.


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> All:
> I do not agree with the direction we are taking with attributes in WSDL
> working group. My reasons include:
> a) Forcing the designer to use Get/Set operation pairs to denote
> results in a model of very fine grained access.
> b) The approach is quite complicated, this reduces the
> functionality/capability of tools to support this approach ubiquitously.
> c) The approach does not allow/support addition of policy/meta-data
> specifically associated with the attributes.
> Therefore I request that the WSDL WG reconsider its position on attributes
> and terminate this line of activity. The concept of attributes in Web
> services should be done in another venue that would allow a simpler and
> more complete treatment of this concept.
> sgg
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