Re: Proposal: Uniqueness on the Wire Requirement for WSDL 2.0

Roberto Chinnici wrote:

> Umit Yalcinalp wrote:
> >
>> I propose a rule  to be added in section 3.1.3. along the lines of 
>> the following:
>> "An element declaration MUST NOT be referenced from the body of input 
>> (or output) element information items of more than one  interface 
>> operation component children of an interface component"
> +1 on this approach.
> In specese, the restriction on input message bodies would be:the
> other alternative.
>   (*) For each interface component, the collection of all the {body}
>   element declarations of all the {message references} whose {direction}
>   is 'in' of all the {operations} in the component MUST NOT contain
>   duplicates".
> I don't quite understand the "input or output" bit of your proposal.
> When you say "...from the body of input (or output) EII...", do you mean
> that there should be a second statement analogous to (*) but with
> s/in/out or that in (*) I should simply drop the "whose {direction} is
> 'in'" bit? 

I was thinking of interms of all the patterns, not only in &in/out 
patterns, but also out patterns as well because the same problem would 

> Logically I'd assume the former, since that would constrain the first
> message of any message exchange to uniquely identify which operation it
> is associated with, but the text you sent out seems to imply the latter.

I intended the former, therefore there should be a second statement as 
you suggested.

> Thanks,
> Roberto

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