Re: Proposal: Uniqueness on the Wire Requirement for WSDL 2.0

Umit Yalcinalp wrote:
> I propose a rule  to be added in section 3.1.3. along the lines of the 
> following:
> "An element declaration MUST NOT be referenced from the body of input 
> (or output) element information items of more than one  interface 
> operation component children of an interface component"

+1 on this approach.

In specese, the restriction on input message bodies would be:the
other alternative.

   (*) For each interface component, the collection of all the {body}
   element declarations of all the {message references} whose {direction}
   is 'in' of all the {operations} in the component MUST NOT contain

I don't quite understand the "input or output" bit of your proposal.
When you say "...from the body of input (or output) EII...", do you mean
that there should be a second statement analogous to (*) but with
s/in/out or that in (*) I should simply drop the "whose {direction} is
'in'" bit?

Logically I'd assume the former, since that would constrain the first
message of any message exchange to uniquely identify which operation it
is associated with, but the text you sent out seems to imply the latter.


Roberto Chinnici
Java Web Services
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Received on Tuesday, 21 October 2003 13:35:42 UTC