RE: Three patterns using the ruleset "Message Triggers Fault"

I think "message triggers fault" is a useful rule, especially for asynchronous MEPs.

I also find "Robust" a useful adjective, in particular for one-way message patterns. There are a lot of systems which rely upon the ability to fire-and-forget messages, very few of these use HTTP!

What i have yet to understand is how individual asynchronous messages will be grouped to form more complex MEPs such as async-out-in.

Will the definition of the grouping mechanism be specified in WSDL ?

If not i guess it will be either implicit to the transport, handled in application space or require extensions from one of the 'higher-level choreography/workflow/process languages'.


Paul Sumner Downey
Web Services Integration
BT Exact

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Subject: Three patterns using the ruleset "Message Triggers Fault"

In (delayed) fulfillment of an action item from last week's
teleconference, I present three proposed patterns that use the fault
ruleset "Message Triggers Fault".


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