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Re: Late binding

From: Mark Baker <distobj@acm.org>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 10:54:57 -0400
To: "Newcomer, Eric" <Eric.Newcomer@iona.com>
Cc: www-ws-arch@w3.org
Message-ID: <20020701105457.P3560@www.markbaker.ca>

On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 10:08:01AM -0400, Newcomer, Eric wrote:
> Mark,
> My point is that because SOAP and WSDL already exist, and are widely
> adopted and implemented, whether they are "right or wrong" with respect
> to Web architecture, their existence and widespread use indicates the
> opposite of your assertion.

I'm not disagreeing that it's possible to use any technology over
the Internet.  But I claim that it's extraordinarily difficult to have
it scale.  Web services have not demonstrated an ability to scale, and
IMO never will with the current approach.

The Web does scale, and I suggest to you that we should be working with
it as our base because it *much* more widely adopted and implemented
than Web services.

>  If there's a better way, the critics of the
> current approach need to propose it, rather than simply criticize it.
> That's what I was trying to say by "let's be practical."  

I guess my frustration is that I've been proposing an alternate approach
for almost 3 years, with concrete examples, on developer lists,
xml-dist-app, and now here.  And each time I do it, nobody responds.
But then a few weeks later, I get asked to do it all over again.

Off the top of my head;

http://www.markbaker.ca/2001/07/SoapUses/ (proposed to xml-dist-app
last year)

> Sorry if it did not come across correctly, or if I made any mistakes in
> characterizing your position.

And I apologize if I sound frustrated, because I am. 8-/
Three years of blank stares will do that to a guy. 8-)

Mark Baker, CTO, Idokorro Mobile (formerly Planetfred)
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.               distobj@acm.org
http://www.markbaker.ca        http://www.idokorro.com
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