Chair's Concerns re: Test Cases and CR

Two things that have come up during CR are causing me "concern" as a chair -

1 -

At 12:19 PM -0400 9/24/03, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
>The incorrect proposed syntactic level test
>concerns the use of datatypes, where the test suite diverges from S&AS.

This makes me nervous as both S&AS and Test are supposed to be 
normative, and they seem to disagree.  Jeremy, Peter - I know this 
has been discussed in the mailing list -- does it need WG action or 
is it something easily resolvable?

2 -

There are a very small number of tests that have not yet been passed 
- however, two of them are:

[Results] miscellaneous-001 levels:DL, Full [APPROVED: Med L XXL] 
Wine example taken from the guide.

[Results] miscellaneous-002 levels:DL, Full [APPROVED: Med L XXL] 
Food example taken from the guide.

both of which are DL tests taken from examples from the Guide.   In 
the worst case we could always make the tests extra credit or simply 
change the Guide a bit -- but as Chair it concerns me that a document 
created by our own WG to be an example of a typical use of OWL is 
generating a test that none of our reasoners seem to be able to pass.
  It might be worth the WG taking a look at these tests, seeing why 
they are hard to pass, and deciding if anything in either our design 
or our documents needs reworking (for those not following the Tests - 
these tests are more or less equivalent to proving that wine.owl and 
food.owl are consistent documents).
  In particular, I could sleep better at night if I understood why 
some other large ontologies (like galen.owl) are not causing problems 
but this one is -- and whether anyone has reasoners that are likely 
to be able to handle our own best example!


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