Re: Chair's Concerns re: Test Cases and CR

>The incorrect proposed syntactic level test
>concerns the use of datatypes, where the test suite diverges from S&AS.

There were some bugs, there remains one test over which Peter and I (but not 
our software) disagree.
This was one I added as actioned last week to illustrate the user defined 
datatypes issue where I was suggesting that the text iin S&AS was misguided.

I hence proposed it to illustrate my point of view, and hence *knowingly* in 
disagreement with S&AS.

Since the action presupposed there would be telecon time to review where we 
got to on this, I do not see a big problem.

BTW there are many other proposed tests that nobody is passing - we will need 
to decide what to do about those.


Received on Thursday, 25 September 2003 03:38:51 UTC