Re: Chair's Concerns re: Test Cases and CR

> Seems to me therefore that the problem may be that we are doing these
> as consistency rather than entailment tests -- given that they use
> features that we know are hard for DL reaoners, it strikes me as a
> place where the rule-based, incomplete reasoners might be able to
> show what they could do-- but many of those can prove entailments
> rather than inconsistencies -- and, in fact, rereading the Guide I
> realize that a more typical query would be something like
>    "From the current ontology can we conclude that WINE1 goes well
> with FOOD1", as opposed to asking "Is the whole wine ontology
> consistent"

We tried that query which is formulated at
and the :goesWith in there is declared in
which is derived from
(in which we had to correct the xml:base, also in 001).
The results of that query can be found at
A more specific query could be
_:W :goesWith f:Pie.
and the answer would then be
vin:SchlossRothermelTrochenbierenausleseRiesling :goesWith f:Pie.
Will think/test further...

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Saturday, 27 September 2003 20:23:39 UTC