OWL Test Results page, built from RDF

I've written a python program to fetch one or more RDF files
describing OWL test-suite test results and output a table showing the
combined details .  You can view the output at


Down at the bottom, you'll see there's a form where you can supply
your own URIs for RDF data about your own test results, and see what
it makes of them, running as a CGI script.   My thought is that when
someone has a stable page of test results for some system, we'll
include it in the default set; alternatively, I could just pick up
results from the public-webont-comments archives, so we know exactly
what we're presenting.

Right now it just has two different result sets from my reasoner, so
that you can see the multi-column layout.

Anyway, take a look, offer suggestions, let me know all the ways it
breaks.   (No, it's not actually doing any ontology query reasoning
yet; and No, I haven't actually written an ontology for the test
results format.  Not yet.)

    -- sandro

Received on Thursday, 4 September 2003 04:13:42 UTC