Re: SEM: OWL Full semantics

>On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 13:37, pat hayes wrote:
>>  >Pat, in your message
>>  >
>>  >you wrote very sensible comments which I fully support.
>>  >If I may suggest, put on your OWL S&AS editor's hat and
>>  >put it those changes !-)
>>  AS&S is a multi-document, and each part of it has a different editor
>>  list.
>FYI... meanwhile, it's one W3C tech report, with one list
>of editors in the TR page:
>OWL Web Ontology Language Semantics and Abstract Syntax
>         31 March 2003, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Patrick Hayes, Ian
>         Horrocks
>         Last Call Ends 9 May 2003
>With my W3C process hat on, the different editor lists for
>different parts are just fancy-looking acknowledgements,
>not relevant to the constraint that
>"Every technical report on the Recommendation track is edited by one or
>more editors appointed by a Working Group Chair."
>  --

Ah, in that case I was under a different impression. I had thought 
that the ability to track these editorial delicacies was the primary 
purpose of having this rather odd format in a normative document.

Clearly I have not handled this properly, I apologize.

Under the circumstances, if your interpretation of the TR page is 
official W3C policy then it might be better to remove my name as an 
editor on the TR page. I believe it is there only as a courtesy in 
any case, and the document could still acknowledge my contributions 
to the relevant sections. I did almost none of the actual editorial 
work on this document as it stands, and I think I would prefer to 
feel free to criticize it than to have my name on it.  I do not 
particularly like the way that the semantics is presented here. In 
particular, the abstract syntax seems to me to introduce a large 
clutter of misleading and unnecessary terminology, and if I had 
written an OWL semantics this would have been relegated to an 
appendix. So maybe I will :-)

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