TEST: 1 of 7 : document updated - intro

I have come to close to clearing my stack of things to do.
This message summarizes the changes, where more detail is appropriate I have 
put that in follow up messages, highlighting the people who may be interested 
in the first line.

I have indicated those issues that I have more to say on with ***, further 
messages will follow.


Triples generated with most recent changes to RDF:
  - no rdf:type rdf:List triple
  - language ignored for typed literals (including XMLLiteral)

Hence many spurious OWL syntax checker messages, since since checker has not 
been updated.

*** general interest? Ian, DanC, Jos
I have updated in light of the change to semantic layering I5.3
ACTION JJC update test document  to reflect iff => if 

I have added the pointer to the roadmap
ACTION JJC: edit test to point to roadmap (continues)

I have verified that owl:sameAs is treated as in OWL Lite.
And that owl:sameIndividualAs does not occur.

I have fixed a type reported by Sean


*** Herman, Peter -
I have added positive entailement tests from RDF Core
(which are negative entailment tests for them)

*** Charles, Jim -
I have added Charles' test for inverse and oneOf 

*** Ian, Jim, Jonathan -
I have added Ian's version of the reptile example for

I have added tests for the old vocabulary
tests for bad vocab same****As

*** -
I have modified and added the 
empty universe example at

I have added -
> ACTION: Jeremy equivalentClass with 4 components and no 
> hamiltonian path

I have added -
jjc- annotation property example at 

I have added
ACTION jjc Add owl:Thing = owl:Nothing test 
twice (I5.3)

*** Peter -
I have added 
> ACTION: Jeremy add test: {a,b} unionOf {a} {b}

Received on Wednesday, 23 July 2003 13:20:05 UTC